Healthcare Interior Design

Healthcare interiors crafted by a industry veteran of luxury home and office building!

Today's healthcare interior design is becoming more demanding with each passing day.  At our firm, we strive to stay current with the latest codes and materials to make sure we can give you every advantage in your facility.  Our real value though for healthcare interior design is being able to meld these functional requirements with a warm, comforting and healing environment.  By practicing in other specialties, we have exposure to products and design trends much earlier than our competitors who only practice one type of design.  This allows us to implement these ideas before them, through our Scottsdale, AZ office.  This gives your interiors much better design longevity.  

We also know that sometimes you may need to purchase through your corporate buying plan.  Not to worry, you can hire us a design consultant separately, and we can work within that structure to specify the fittings and furnishings.  If there are any specialty products that may be needed for your healthcare interior design project but not available through the plan, we can help your source those products too. 

Our recently completed skilled nursing facility for brain and spine injured patients was recently featured in AZRE magazine for it's evidence-based design, as well as it being award winning!

Give us a call to let us help your healthcare interior design idea transform into an award-winning patient-focused facility!

Starting in 2020, we will begin offering full remodeling and new build services for residential and commercial buildings. We only offer interior design and furnishing procurement for healthcare buildings.

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