Unexpected Connections

Every now and then in life, you meet someone new rather unexpectedly.  These can be wonderfully interesting chance meetings.  I recently had one of these when I went to an event for the members of the Contemporary Forum at the Phoenix Art Museum.  I had

Ancient Embellishments, Barbara Rogers

Ancient Embellishments, Barbara Rogers

found an empty spot to listen to that nights seminar and was getting settled when the person next to me and I started exchanging pleasantries about the day and the event.  That was short lived, as the seminar started up and we both turned our attention to it.  After it

concluded, we picked up the conversation again, but this time it was about that evening’s topic, “How to train an artist”  We shared many of the same ideas and understandings about what it means to make a living as an artist, me as an interior designer/artist and she as a fine arts painter.  It turned out I was chatting with Barbara Rogers from Tucson, Arizona!  What a

Cultural Alchemy 7, Barbara Rogers

Cultural Alchemy 7, Barbara Rogers

delightful person she was and what a fascinating career she has led.  You might have caught her work at the Tucscon Museum of Art where she was recently featured in an exhibition, Barbara Rogers: The Imperative of Beauty, A Fifty-Year Retrospective.  I’m so thrilled to have met her and wanted to share the richness of her work with you. If you didn’t get a chance to see her exhibition, you can see her work at her website:
Barbara Rogers Art and also at the Gebert Contemporary Gallery here in Scottsdale, AZ.  I really do enjoy being surpised by what life can give you at the most unexpected moments.

3 great Pillow tips! Also, a great post about Pillows on Houzz!

It can be difficult getting just the right fabric, size and fill for pillows.   1) When in doubt, go bold with your fabric!  It’s a chance to splurge on those high end fabrics, since you don’t as much material.  We’re loving the embroidered modern fabrics right now!  2)  Mix those shapes up!  Use squares, rectangles and basketball shapes to create variety.  3) We also like to see our pillows very luxurious.  To achieve this, always go up 2 sizes in pillow fill.  With an 18″ pillow, we recommend a 22″ fill, especially with feathers and down.  Most pillow forms come 75% feathers/ 25% down.  We find that percentage can still get lumpy, so I have our pillows custom filled in a richer percentage of down.  This helps to maintain the shape and avoid poke through of the feathers through the material!

Two new inspiring design styles for wallpaper in 2012!

If you haven’t looked at wallpaper recently, you are really missing out on some amazing design style!  New interior design takes on the classic stripe and circle that we all love are creating some amazing new styles.  Circles can be much more than something we learned in geometry class.  Here’s an amazing glam design look with a skull (circles).  The paper has a silver metallic background with…flocked black skulls!

Glam skulls rock!

Here’s a good close up.  I can’t wait to use this somewhere!

Flocked wallpaper close-up

The next circle pattern will appeal to the child in you.  See if you can guess what it is!

Can you guess the pattern here?

I think this Mickey Mouse wallpaper is just great.  The interlocking rings are a great way to turn something we easily recognize into an elegant shape.  Stripes never go out of style, but taking them bolder or more organic like these next examples can really pay off in your next design.  The boldness of the horizontal stripes is what makes this so special.  This could easily go into almost any room of the house.

Modern striped wallpaper can sure make a statement!

Taking a stripe and giving it a sinuous curve really adds a soft movement to a space for a big effect.  Look how the soft intertwining creates a relaxing but elegant mood for this space.

Sexy stripes can add soft elegant drama!

Using things you’re very familiar with but taking a fresh take on them will always lead to great design.  Your interior design is your style so be sure to have fun with it and explore things you’ve never tried before!  If there’s something that’s inspired you recently, let us know in the comments below!







DIY Fireplace Update using Fireplace Glass by Scottsdale Interior Decorator

Have you ever looked at your indoor fireplace and it just was blah?  Are your fireplace logs dusty and tired?  Fear not!  I have made our first do-it-yourself video showing how easy it is to update your fireplace with modern fireplace glass chips.  This design process can be used for both indoor fireplaces and your outdoor fireplace or fire pit.  The hardest part is going to be picking out your color and type of glass!
Put questions below and I’ll be sure to reply!   Mark L


Bedroom Interior Design by Blue Desert Interiors showcasing Fornasetti wallpaper featured on Houzz.com


A wonderful inviting bedroom is brought to life with Southwest inspired modern design in copper, silver and chocolate colors with highlights of aqua by Arizona interior design firm, Blue Desert Interiors. We used a classic Fornasetti wallpaper design that ties the great southwest sun and color palette with his Italian style of irreverent illustration. At Houzz.com our room was featured in an article about this great artist; Modern Icons: Piero Fornasetti. To see another view of this amazing room on our website, click here.

Great furniture can be for both us and our pets!

Do those dog or cat beds you see in the petstores just look so….petstore?  Well, I solved that problem by creating a perfect ottoman for our cats!  Watch the video to see how the design evolved.  I also introduce a new actor on this episode.  Are there any pieces of furniture you can think of that could be redesigned for our loved pets?