Arizona Interior Design Firm featured for its evidence-based design in Phoenix Skilled Nursing Facility.

 Blue Desert Interiors was just featured in AZRE (Arizona Commercial Real Estate) magazine and online for our beautiful Evidence-Based Design in a local Phoenix project.  The article, “The Right Prescription: Evidence-Based Design in Healthcare Facilities” focuses on how our design and material selections positively impacted to the healing environment for Care Meridian’s traumatic injury patients.

We opened this lunchroom to allow for easier wheelchair access plus more inclusive family gatherings.
To learn more about our evidence-based design and to read the article, click below:

To see more images of the facility featured on our website, click below:
CareMeridian featured on Blue Desert Interiors’ website

New BDI website is live! Check it out and let us know how we did!
Hello everyone! We are thrilled to announce that our website is now live.  Many hours of hard work have gone into adding additional interior design content and making it easier to navigate.  Any recommendations are appreciated!  Now it’s time for us to celebrate!

Blue Desert Interiors Favicon!

I love new ways to communicate and extend a brand, which is allot of what I do as an interior designer.  So, I decided to learn about Favicons.  They are that little graphic you see in front of a websites name.  My research today was how to design and add a Favicon to our website and blog. I would rate this project on a 1 to 10 scale, of 10 being the hardest, as a 3 for designing, but a 6 for integrating into your software.    First the design.  They are REALLY tiny, don’t overdo it!  Usually they are 16×16 pixels in a .ico format, as opposed to a .jpg or .gif.  Because they are so small, KISS.  I started by using Paint in a 100×100 pixel .png format.  Our stationary uses a solid band at the bottom so I started with a blue field (obvious) and added our signature blue band at the bottom.  I didn’t think I could fit our name, so I did just the B, but in white for high contrast.  I had to sit back and aquint to get the right proportion, but I think it worked out well. 
After you have the .png, you next need to convert the file to a .ico file.  I found a free favicon generator called Dynamic Drive.  I’ve included the link below.  I uploaded my file and out came a nice complete .ico file.  Perfect mini-me!  For our blog, I added the Plug-in called Favicon Rotator.  It works with the latest version of WordPress by simply installing and is Apple compatible.  After activating, I just added the .ico file and the blog was set!  It was slightly more challenging to add to our website.  The key is finding the right place to put it.  I logged into our web hosting server and found the public_html folder.  That’s the hard part.  After finding it, I clicked on the upload button and it gave me the “browse” to my computer and I went and found the .ico and clicked on it.  That was it!  What a nice way to design a mini-logo to spread the brand. 
Dynamic Drive Favicon generator: