Angela Ellsworth at Lisa Sette Gallery

Last night, Lisa Sette opened her show for Angela Ellsworth.  This is an interesting artist that for me hits close to home since her art reflects the complex relationship she shares with the faith she was raised in.  We differ slightly since I was raised Roman Catholic, while she was raised Mormon.  What I see in her work is the love-pain relationship personified in these bonnets through the medium she uses.  She recreates these beautiful bonnets out of pearl corsage pins, but the pins go through the material to the wearer of the bonnets.  I think how she has captured the beauty along with a reference to a medieval torture device is very moving on a spiritual level.  It’s definitely worth your time to experience her work in person.  You can see her work at the Lisa Sette Gallery in Scottsdale right now.  You can also catch a current show at the Phoenix Art Museum through Jan. 22, 2012