Herb Albert…another side to a great artist

I’ve always been inspired by the work of other artists in their field, even though it may be very different than my own of interior design.  One such artist, I recently discovered, totally surprised me! The legendary Herb Albert of musical fame is a very talented and prolific Herb-Albert-totemfine artist.  He has created these wonderful totems with inspiration from the tribal totems of the Pacific Northwest.  If you happen to be in NYC, check them out for yourself in Dante Park.  If not, follow the link over to his website and see his paintings and his totems! Link to Herb Albert’s Website

Unexpected Connections

Every now and then in life, you meet someone new rather unexpectedly.  These can be wonderfully interesting chance meetings.  I recently had one of these when I went to an event for the members of the Contemporary Forum at the Phoenix Art Museum.  I had

Ancient Embellishments, Barbara Rogers

Ancient Embellishments, Barbara Rogers

found an empty spot to listen to that nights seminar and was getting settled when the person next to me and I started exchanging pleasantries about the day and the event.  That was short lived, as the seminar started up and we both turned our attention to it.  After it

concluded, we picked up the conversation again, but this time it was about that evening’s topic, “How to train an artist”  We shared many of the same ideas and understandings about what it means to make a living as an artist, me as an interior designer/artist and she as a fine arts painter.  It turned out I was chatting with Barbara Rogers from Tucson, Arizona!  What a

Cultural Alchemy 7, Barbara Rogers

Cultural Alchemy 7, Barbara Rogers

delightful person she was and what a fascinating career she has led.  You might have caught her work at the Tucscon Museum of Art where she was recently featured in an exhibition, Barbara Rogers: The Imperative of Beauty, A Fifty-Year Retrospective.  I’m so thrilled to have met her and wanted to share the richness of her work with you. If you didn’t get a chance to see her exhibition, you can see her work at her website:
Barbara Rogers Art and also at the Gebert Contemporary Gallery here in Scottsdale, AZ.  I really do enjoy being surpised by what life can give you at the most unexpected moments.

Bedroom Interior Design by Blue Desert Interiors showcasing Fornasetti wallpaper featured on Houzz.com


A wonderful inviting bedroom is brought to life with Southwest inspired modern design in copper, silver and chocolate colors with highlights of aqua by Arizona interior design firm, Blue Desert Interiors. We used a classic Fornasetti wallpaper design that ties the great southwest sun and color palette with his Italian style of irreverent illustration. At Houzz.com our room was featured in an article about this great artist; Modern Icons: Piero Fornasetti. To see another view of this amazing room on our website, click here.

Crazy for Quilts!

Sometimes in life, you come across items that are just truly special.  This is one of the stories.  As an interior designer, I’ve always enjoyed seeing the great finds on the PBS show, Antiques Roadshow.  On one of the TV shows, I remember seeing an amazing quilt called a crazy quilt.  The colors and embroidery were just amazing.  On a recent antiquing weekend in Phoenix, I was walking through a shop and stopped dead in my tracks.  There, hanging on a wall, was a real crazy quilt.  Carpe diem! It was going home with me!

A crazy quilt for the modern interior

 Crazy quilts seem like an odd thing for a modern interior designer to be interested in at first thought, but actually not.  Modern design is about creative applications with materials we are familiar with.  These quilts were originally made very simply from material scraps because of necessity from around 1880 on.  The crafting of these quilts as textile arts though soon gained in popularity and notoriety, as some found the work controversial.  As the art progressed, the quilts became purely decorative and were made without batting or lining.  I believe the beauty of these quilts lies in the richness of the materials and details as each maker crafted purely from inspiration.  Here are a few close-up snapshots.

Blue Desert Interiors Crazy Quilt Close Up 1

The embroidered stitches all have wonderful names like impressions, waterlillies, chevron, herringbone and cretan.  I love how the maker used color variations in the threads for highlights.  The fabrics used are just as amazing; silks hand-screened velvets, stripes and plaids. 

Blue Desert Interiors Crazy Quilt Close Up 2

It’s hard to get the scale of this piece in the pictures, but it’s around an amazing 6′ wide by 6′ high.  I can only imagine the time it took to create this masterpiece.  I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing this find with me as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.  For the moment, I’ve just clipped the quilt to a stabilizing bar and hung it up.  I’m really looking forward though to finding just the right home for this wonderful piece of history!

Airplane parts recycled as handcrafted furniture!

As an interior designer, I always love finding artists that can take objects in our everyday lives and totally rework them into new pieces.  Motoart is one of those companies.  I really like the tables and desks from this artist.  Being a lighting addict though, I really would love to have one of his B-52 mirrors that lights up!  Here is a pic of that mirror with a red backlight.  I could see this in a very industrial powder room or even a dining room.  What’s even more amazing is the plane that is comes from.  Here’s a similar plane in the next picture.File:Usaf.Boeing B-52.jpg  This is by no means a small plane.  It is used as a strategic bomber, even today!  It was used as recently as the Gulf war and the United States Air Force plans to use it through 2045.  Feel free to browse the artist’s website.  It’s www.Motoart.com  If you need help placing or designing your room around one of their objects…we’d love to help!  You know who you are!