Home Security and Technology

We all like to believe that when leave our house each morning we’ll return to find it in the same condition; ready to welcome us home and unplug from the crazy day.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone.  Home robberies do happen.  So to help prevent this, as part of the interior design process for home hardware, we always like to recommend the best ways to safeguard our homes.  The door to your garage is a vulnerable point.  It’s easy to leave unlocked as we rush out the door, or even if we do lock it, it’s just the bottom catch latch.  As part of the update to my own home in Scottsdale, I added a much better way to secure the door that even makes life simpler!  I prefer an electronic combination deadbolt.  They come in many styles, like this Schlage Plymouth version, for roughly 130.00.  I prefer the clean lines of this version, shown here in a brushed nickel.  It’s available in many more finishes, including a very current oil-rubbed bronze that I used.  I haven’t found it in stock at a local hardware store so you can search online or contact us to purchase.  No electrical service is needed as a small battery powers the lock.  After you install the device, it is a very simple matter with clear instructions on how to program it.  After you set up your unique 4 digit code, you’re ready to go.  When you leave your home, you simply hit the bar on top and it glows engaging the spinnable knob.  You then rotate the knob and engage the deadbolt.  After a few seconds, the knob disengages the bolt securing your home.  2 seconds to creater security.  The other advantage is that there is no more digging into briefcases or purses for the key when you return home, just enter your pin, knob engages and rotate to open.  This is a great weekend project, so don’t wait on doing this one.
You’ll be thrilled with the quality of the product, ease of install, added security and great design options!

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